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Name: MJhari
Status: other
Grade: 4-5
Location: NY
Country: USA
Date: N/A 

Can a golden eagle can pick up a mountain goat and sustain speed for flight?

A big golden eagle might be able to pick up a small baby mountain goat. They can't pick up a full grown adult mountain goat but you would be surprised how much they can pick up while flying.

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart

There is a dramatic videos available on U-tube showing eagles pulling off or pushing off mountain goats off the side of mountains, and taking goat kids in their talons, and gliding or flying down the side of mountains. Eagles would be able to feed on dead goats and dismember them for feeding nestling eaglets. Eagles are intelligent enough to be able to learn this behavior.

One source questioned the authenticity of the video and it may have been doctored to some extent to illustrate that eagles are strong enough to take farming live stock. Many farmers feel the eagle is a threat to their animals and want to harm eagles, and this may or may not be the real purpose of that particular video.

Steve Sample

Not likely. Most of the food of golden eagles is smaller mammals like hares, rabbits and rodents. They will rarely kill a young sheep or deer, but eat it on the ground. This site

states "Eagles can carry up to 8 pounds in flight. If the prey is too large to be carried, the eagle will patiently wait, perched, until it's victim succumbs to it's wounds." which is probably accurate.

J. Elliott

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