Nathan A. Unterman

Nate Unterman has been a teacher for 31 years. Currently he teaches

Glenbrook North High School
2300 Shermer Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-6700

voice (847) 509-2627
fax (847) 509-2411


Nate has been a TRAC teacher at Fermilab (1989) and a REST teacher at Northwestern University (2003-2005). Currently he is associated with Argonne National Laboratory within the Division of Educational Programs as the NEWTON BBS system operator. NEWTON is designed to serve math, science and computer teachers; and their students. He is involved with the NCLT in designing assessments.

In addition to authoring teacher's guides entitled Amusement Park Physics and Not Just for Dummies: The Physics of Auto Safety, Nate has been instrumental in the writing of Conceptual Physics, the development of the Problem Based Learning curriculum, and developing meaningful assessments and mining the data.

In addition to his other projects, Nate is a stamp collector. His patent #5179501 is in electronics packaging. Nate is also interested in amusement parks, outdoor camping and being a good parent.


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