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Dr. Leslie Kanat is a geologist with research experience in metamorphic petrology and structural geology. He received his Ph.D. in the Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge, England, and was supported by Fulbright Scholarships. He studied metamorphic rocks in the Norwegian Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard, the Saualpe of Austria, and in northern Vermont. In 1987, Dr. Kanat began teaching freshman geology courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Since 1988 he has taught a wide variety of undergraduate geology and computer courses at Johnson State College, Vermont, where he is currently Professor of Geology and past Chair of the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences.
Dr. Kanat received the Vermont State Colleges Faculty Fellowship in 2000 and 2004, the Johnson State College Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year award in 2004, and the Excellence in Advisor's Award in 2003. He is a current and active member of the Geological Society of America, the National Association of Geology Teachers (past-President of the NE Chapter), and the Vermont Geological Society. He was appointed by the Governor to be a member of the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory panel. In addition, Dr. Kanat served on the governing board of the Vermont Chapter of the Fulbright Association and was a volunteer firefighter specialist with the Underhill-Jericho Fire Department. He is currently conducting research with his students on the Jeffersonville Vermont Landslide and mapping greenstones in Johnson, VT. He is also a research scientist with a current NSF EPSCoR grant regarding Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (NSF EPS-1101317).
Dr. Kanat recently received a $551,810 grant from the National Science Foundation to provide scholarships for students in the sciences. The Student Transition, Achievement, Retention and Teaching (START) scholarship provides up to $40,000 over four years to qualified students who choose to major in biology or environmental science in the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences at the College (see

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