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I'm Joe Schultz. I've been a resident scientist on NEWTON almost since it's inception back in the early 90s.

I'm long out of grad school and a member of the working world. Before and after doing a stint at Northwestern Medical School as an analytical support chemist for Marty Watterson and the Drug Discovery Program (, I've settled with D.A. Stuart Company in Warrenville, IL ( western suburb of Chicago. I'm a product coordinator in the Steel Mills Division. I help manage product lines which include temper fluids, rust preventives and cleaners all for steel mills worldwide. I travel from coast to coast fairly regularly helping my salesmen with technical problems they may encounter with my products. My area of expertise is usually chemistry and sometimes general science. I'm gaining a lot of experience with steel making and processing also (which is absolutely fascinating stuff!).

Last Up-date July 13, 1999

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