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James S. Swenson, Jr.

B.S. 1978, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, Appl. Phys.,

Hughes Aircraft Radar Systems Group, 1978-1981, 10GHz GaAsFET amps

Hughes Aircraft Electron Dynamics Div.,1981-1983, GaAsFET fab

The Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, CA, 1983-present, III-V & MEMS fab, LPE, microlenses in GaP by CSVPE smoothing, misc opto/mech/elect

Reaction Research Soc. So.Cal., amateur experimental rocketry

California St.Sci.Fair, judge 1yr, safety 3 yr.

The Golem Group, 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge entry, robot 4wd pickup, electronics

U.S.Pat#5,139,609, Fields, et al. "Apparatus and method for longitudinal diode bar pumping of solid state lasers"

U.S.Pat#6,677,227, Swenson, et al. "Method of forming patterned metalization on patterned semiconductor wafers"

APL66(11)1306, "Enhanced mass-transport smoothing of f/0.7 GaP microlenses by use of sealed ampoules", Swenson, Fields, Abraham

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