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Amusement Park Physics!
If you have an idea for a great field trip, please click our Ideas page!

Amusement Park Physics, or Physics Day, is a program which seeks to teach students about physics and forces, by riding amusement park rides. Students measure the forces they experience and are able to calculate them.

Scheduling an Amusement Park Physics Day is a way for student to learn about physics having a lot of fun! There are many locations across the country that provide field trip packages.

Interested? Here are some resources to get you started! We have books, links, magazine articles, and videos that we recommended. Enjoy!

Books on Amusement Park Physics Books
Online Links on Amusement Park Physics Online Links
Locations of Amusement Park Physics Locations
Videos on Amusement Park Physics Videos
Magaizine Articles on Amusement Park Physics Magaizine Articles

To see amusement parks near you that have Amusement Park Physics programs, click here!

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