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Amusement Park Locations!
If you have an idea for a great field trip, please click our Ideas page!

Welcome to our Amusement Park Location page! Here we have provided a search form to let you see what great amusement parks are around your area!

To use, please enter a city, state, a or country below in the text box! Combinations are also accepted. Google search for parks by your city, and will provide results for amusement parks near you.

We provide some help below!

* NEWTON does not endorse or sponsor any of the links found through this page.
* Still looking for parks? Try this page provided by ACE, found by scrolling here

Help Using This Search:
The search box above searches the web for amusement parks near a city you enter! Once you search, there are also options on the search bar to search the web for theme parks, amusement parks, or for more information Amusement Park Physics.

Some sample searchs might look like:
What I Want What to Search For
Amusement Parks in Chicago, IL, in the USA Type in either:
  • chicago
  • Chicago
  • Chicago IL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Illinios
Amusement Parks in Toronto, Canada Type in either:
  • toronto
  • Toronto
  • Toronto, Canada
Amusement Parks in the State of Texas Type in either:
  • Texas
  • TX
  • texas
Amusement Parks in the Country of Canada Type in:
  • Canada
More information about Amusement Park Physics Type in your city, and then click the Information about Amusement Park Physics tab at the top of the search screen

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